Football boots will continue to show improvements, says Adidas

One of the hot topics when it comes to the changing rooms happens to be the style, functionality, and design of football boots. These are a crucial gear for any footballer and they are also designed in such a way that it can reflect the personality of a player in the biggest way possible. However, the designers are more focused on technicalities to begin with and there is no better experience than watching the ball fly off the players boot with amazing velocity. Yet, there are suggestions that football boots may have peaked in terms of their technology and functionality.

Over the years, a number of sizes, shapes, and colours have come into the markets for getting rave reviews. The quality and prices have been driven much higher by the popular football brands, who are continuously engineering the product for better performance. However, this has resulted in a major question for brands that have brought about many innovations. Will there be innovations at a similar pace? In order to answer the question, Adidas’ creative director – Sam Handy – has taken to Instagram. Handy says that football boots will continue to improve even 10 years from now, and whole industry is expected to witness a remarkable terms of sustainability, performance, and other aspects.

Football boots in 10 years will, I believe, continue to help players to play better. So the performance is going to continue to improve, but what we see across the industry is the role of sustainability, which is getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger. I think as much as football is changing and becoming more inclusive and more sustainable, we’re seeing the products within the sport doing the same thing, and I think that’s what we’re going to see in the future,” said the creative director of Adidas, who are one of the most popular brands for football boots.