Meet the Brand Trying to Rival Adidas and Nike in the Football Boots Game


The headquarters in Tourcoing of Kipsta, northeast of Lille, France, is like the football version of the ‘Chocolate Factory’ of Willy Wonka. The stadium extends over 45000m sq and has 20 indoor and outdoor pitches and courts and a 900m sq Kipsta store.

The general public, amateur and professional sports teams and schools use the facilities. However, the space, built on the industrial site is more than a sports complex. It is the design hub of Kipsta, the football brand of Decathlon, as they trying to make waves in the football game. Kipsta aims to be the world leader on balls and is in a great place to do so considering they are Ligue One’s official suppliers, where Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi, and Neymar start their stuff every week.

However, they are also desperate to be the third main player when it comes to boots, competing giants, such as Adidas and Nike. They take pride in terms of value and pride, with products that are durable, technical, and accessible. Three words would offer the perfect summary of their recent release the Traxium Compressor which promises to be the market’s game-changer.

It takes pride in its technology and being a game specialist, According to Kipsta; it is the biggest innovation in the market of football boots and has spent a total of 4 years introducing a brand-new way to make cleats that costs £119.99.

The jet black football boots are lace-less and are solid inside with an outsole that is eco-friendly and is made from defective products returned placed the outsole in three socks without split. The foam pad in the boots offers optimal comfort. They were created out of two socks, with the polyester treated and heated at a temperature of 140-150 degrees to become transparent in a completely different process of thermo-compression, pressure, and heat.