Puma launches turbo pack versions of FUTURE 6.1 and ULTRA 1.1


The FUTURE 6.1 and ULTRA 1.1 are some of the finest football boots from Puma, who have gone one step ahead to enhance these boots even further. A turbo pack has now been added to the lineup so as to enhance the output from these explosive boots. These Turbo editions will be targeting the elite customers, who require control and touch benefits at very high speeds. Both will be available in black and pink colors and they have taken a lot of inspiration from the distance more that are left on the racetracks.

The ULTRA 1.1 is meant to provide exemplary levels of comfort, patch, and speed in a lightweight body. The ultra-lightweight nature of this shoe is down to the huge amount of technology that has gone into elements like the out sole and split sole. The former comes from the lightweight PEBA Speed Unit while the latter has been inspired by the running spike DNA from Puma. Meanwhile, the FUTURE 6.1 comes up with a one-piece construction which manages to employ NETFIT technology.

This technology has been specifically crafted in this shoe so that it is able to adapt to the various movements of the foot in an easy manner. There will be opportunities for quick turns and change of direction, while a number of lacing options are also open to users. These lacing options will be able to enhance the stability and fit for the user.

All users will now be able to pick up the turbo pack versions of the FUTURE 6.1 and ULTRA 1.1 football boots from the Puma website, while the shoes will also be available in display at the retail stores of Puma. Among the plethora of models available for footballers, Puma have been able to make a strong case for themselves with this turbo pack.