3 tips for choosing your football boots

If you are a football player, you would want to have the best football boots to boost your performance on the pitch.

But with the different models available you will certainly have a hard time choosing the most appropriate one. Here are 3 tips to help you make the best choice.


The surface where you are going to play will definitely influence your selection of football boots. If you are going to play on a muddy or humid pitch, you will need to choose a boot that consists of metal studs. If you are going to play on a standard pitch, then you will preferably go for a boot consisting of moulded studs.

If you are going to play on AstroTurf, then studs are not required. There are special shoes that are designed for Astro Turf and will provide an appropriate grip for this surface.

Playing position

Your playing position will also influence your choice of boot. If you play in defence, you will want a sturdy boot that will protect you during a tackle and also provide the necessary grip to avoid slipping. On the other hand, if you are a forward player or a winger you would want a lightweight boot that will not hinder you when you are trying to dribble past players.

Accurate size

Contrary to regular shoes, you should always buy football boots that best suits your feet. If your boots are too tight, you may end up with blisters. Children who are growing quickly can afford to buy a boot that is slightly above their size, but this is not recommended for adults.

You should also not forget that you will be wearing your football socks as well with the shoes. Ideally, you would want to try the football boots with your socks on so that you know whether it fits you or not.