Tevez And His Popularity As A Player

Carlos Tevez, some say have moved to the ranks of being an incredible striker after having started as an insane player. The glamor quotient about this man is missing from his neck bears rippled and knotted scarf like scars that give him the look of an insane man, especially when he is soaked in perspiration on the playing field.

When Tevez plays he is seen to be like a pit bull who pants as the intensity increases in him, similar to a desperate man who loves the fight as well as the trauma that an athlete faces. However, the crowd loves him, but he is not always of the same club. Indeed, throughout his playing career, Carlos has played for seven clubs and never felt comfortable to remain long with any club. For his talent as well as the rough genius, he has been drawn into the limelight as well as on the pitch. Today, he is remembered for his abilities as well as being able to cross the boundaries of clubs and the usual grudges that clubs have against each other.

Today, whenever he attends a game, he is given an ovation; he has several supporters of Manchester United, about one-third of the club for the last decade that he has played with them. Most remember him fondly, not of the destruction and fights, but for the fond and affectionate memories.

In 2015, when Juventus have made a return to the finals of the Champions League, the Turin Club members had walked into the final stage of the tournament along with Tevez on their side. He was at ease and he played well. Tevez had started his life in great anguish as in his childhood; he had spilled a kettle of boiling water on himself that left harrowing marks on his physical self as well as indelible marks on his mind as well. He has struggled facing pity from others for that through his life.