Nike is leading the way in football boots

When it comes to which brand to utilize in the world of football, there are 2 brands that are and have traditionally been at the top of everyone else and those are Nike and Adidas.

When you see a top player performing in the pitch it usually is one of those 2 brands that are seen as they are dominating the sport in terms of sales, coverage and just about everything.

It has recently been reported by, a global leader in online trading have stated that during the 2016 Euro’s, the footwear brand that was mostly seen on the pitch as it accounted with 61% of the boots that were worn during that international competition.

There were a total of 105 scored in the 2016 Euro’s and the majority of those goals were scored through Nike boots as 60 of those 105 were from Nike boots while 31 of them were from players that wore Adidas boots. Puma came in 3rd place with 12 goals being scored with players that utilized this brand of footwear.

This is something that has also historically been occurring with the rest of the top European leagues such as: Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga and the Premier League just to name a few.

Nike has historically had an advantage over Adidas in the U.S. market while Adidas is much more prominent in markets outside of United States but there is a clear evidence of just how much Nike has been dominating at a worldwide level, things can change but at least in the world of football, it does appear like it won’t be changing in the near future as the Nike footwear in the sport just appears to be more preferred.